Event Planning for Beginners: Start Small

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Event planning can be so satisfying, but it is not for the faint of heart. You know that guy at the circus who keeps 5 balls in the air and holds a stick that’s on fire in his mouth? That’s how hard it is. That’s why it’s always best to start small and build your way up. Consider this blog post: Event Planning 101.

Get some practice with event planning by throwing a small shindig. You don’t need a reason; everyone loves a party! But if you insist on a reason, then try throwing a watch party for a movie, sporting event, awards show or television show. The best part about these is that most people already have that time set aside anyways to catch up on their favorite premieres, so why not watch it with a crew!

Before the party:

  1. Determine the location and time frame of the event.
  2. Send out invitations with a specific RSVP date (remember, not everyone who is invited can make it so always invite a few extra people to make up for those who can’t come).
  3. Determine the types of drinks and/or food you’re going to serve.

During the party:

  1. Have as much done as possible before your guests arrive, you want to be available to them, not fussing in the kitchen.
  2. Make sure everything your guests need is visible and accessible: the television, the food, drinks, the bathroom, etc.
  3. Get a feel for the environment, periodically. Parties go through phases, but it should always be friendly, inclusive and lively. Yes, you’ll be busy and possibly frustrated, but you set the tone for the party so be pleasant.

After the party:

Find out what your guests honestly thought. The least awkward way to do this is by asking an attendee you’re close to like a sibling, best friend or significant other. They can give you feedback to help you bolster your event planning skills.

You’ve now thrown your first party!

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